An Important Political Message from Citizen Rick

A Pro-Gun Centrist

Grant Stinchfield sums up how I feel quite nicely click here to see the video.

Always think "Gun Rights" Before you vote!


Dom Raso: Truth is   They Want to Ban Every Gun​​

Dana Loesch, NRA Spokesperson with real facts.

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A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. ​​ -George Washington-

Congrats Justice Kavanaugh!

Podcast: Truth, a Casualty in Democrats' War on Guns
AWR Hawkins discusses FBI crime stats which completely undercut Democrat gun control arguments, as well as other truths.

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Mark Glaze,

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with fake "facts".

No Good Guys with 

Guns Allowed?

Truth        VS.       Fiction

When you have that ballet in your hand

 vote 2nd amendment

vote gun   

~Important Message for Voters~

If you want to have and keep the right to own, carry a gun, and also the gun you want, then you better think carefully before you vote.


You often hear anti-gun politicians say they just want "common sense" gun reform, nebulous terminology meant to trick the voter by seeming to appeal to what it means to them. But what they really want through the laws they propose, is to get rid of as many guns as they can, for some this means all guns if they could. They say it's all in the name of reducing "gun violence". The term "gun violence" is meant to deceive you, we don't say club violence, stabbing violence, choking violence or name any other violence by the tool used, because it's ridiculous and it's just as ridiculous to say "gun violence". It's clear that it's just a political tactic to make you afraid of guns when it's violence, not the tool used, that you should be concerned with. With violence, you can't expect to get a reduction in it by changing the tools used. If the root of violence isn't what is changed then the violence remains.

They count all homicides by gun as if they were all murder and only occurred because a gun was used, yet about half of all homicides are not murder, but suicide. With no guns, most suicides would still happen. Japan has virtually no guns but has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, they will find a way. In their minds, it's always the guns fault. They would like you to believe guns are what makes people choose to do what they do. For them when a gun is used for lawful self-defense of anyone, they count that against the gun. When someone commits suicide with a gun, it's the guns fault. It's the gun, not the responsible person, who's to blame when an accident occurs with one. For some, even with police shooting deaths, it's the gun that's to blame. 

They want to make you afraid that without their laws criminals are getting or will get guns and harm you. Consider this; criminals don't obey laws by definition, so if guns, their use, magazines, accessories, and types of ammunition are heavily restricted, who do you think is at a disadvantage, the criminals who will get these things anyway or the honest citizens who obey the law? How many people who have had crimes committed against them, are severely injured or even die at the hands of criminals, would not have if they had a gun to defend themselves. Those that can defend themselves are the ones who are less likely to be victims.

The guns they target most are "assault rifles",    (semi-auto rifles similar to, mistaken for or implied to be machine guns), yet for murders, any rifle, nevermind "assault rifles" are among the least used weapons, you are more likely to be beaten or stabbed to death than killed with any type of rifle. They claim an AR15 is a "weapon of war", even though it's not a machine gun like the military versions, and the ammunition used in it is a logistical medium powered compromise rather than the more powerful ammunition of the military's past main battle rifles, most hunting rifles are significantly more powerful and deadly. So why is it the number one type of gun they target to reduce "gun violence"? It should make you wonder if they're really trying to reduce violence or just trying to use it as a convenient boogieman to scare you with so they'll have something they can claim they'll protect you from to get your vote.

When these politicians lie, misrepresent facts, or don't even care what the real facts are, they show that they are willing to deceive you to get your vote. So if your candidate says they just want "common sense" gun reform you should find out for yourself before you vote what they really want and is what they propose actually sensible in the face of the true and complete facts, because after you vote it's too late.

~Citizen Rick

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